Every industry is different, and as such, the holiday season will affect each industry differently. Depending on what type of small business you have, the holidays can mean a huge surge in business or it can be a bit of a dry season.

If your small business usually sees a decrease in activity during the holiday season, don’t let that get you down. The holidays can still be a great time for your business. Here are 5 ways you can make sure that your small business survives the holiday season.

  1. Focus on Infrastructure: Your business has different departments, and the slow season is the perfect time to strengthen the areas that might be lacking. Areas like marketing and lead generation are great places to start. Testing out different campaigns during the holiday season can really help to bring in lots of business when things pick up again.
  2. Get Organized: Instead of focusing so much on how to make sales, direct your attention to more detailed items. Get your business organized. Any areas that can be automated, simplified and/or systematized, give them your attention. This will ensure that you’re ready to go when business returns to normal.
  3. Embrace the Holidays: Just because business isn’t booming for you during the holiday season, doesn’t mean you should stop posting to social media or making holiday “adjustments” to your website. Take some time to post festive pictures of your best products, and don’t forget to mention any seasonal sales you may have going on.
  4. Connect with your Customers: Slow sales during the holiday season does not mean your business should disappear. Make sure to stay engaged with your customers through targeted emails and regularly scheduled newsletters. Promote customer engagement and even take the time to celebrate your customers.
  5. Plan for It: Before the holiday season arrives, make sure you are financially prepared for business to slow down. If this is not your first holiday season in business then you should have already seen it coming, and known what needed to be done.

A decrease in sales, doesn’t call for business to shut down until the holiday season passes. Take this time to work on areas of your business that have probably been neglected, and will benefit you greatly in the long run.

Is your business usually slow during the holidays? What is your main area of focus to make sure your business survives?